We are a Premier Consulting and Training Firm

Focused on Supporting businesses in transforming work environment, improving engagement, and developing a high-performance culture

At the global level, MBK Global Consultants specializes in cultivating enduring strategic partnerships with companies worldwide, ensuring sustained and lasting transformations for large corporate enterprises , bringing in quick wins for SME organizations and helping create a culture of Innovation and Happiness for Startups and Entrepreneurial initiatives. Our focus extends to fostering growth, driving innovation, and delivering optimal returns.
Our flagship programs , *Managers to Leaders* and *Engage through Happiness* are evolved to give leaders Managers and employees ,  the skills to create high-performance, purpose-led cultures. It is the industry gold standard – with results demonstrated repeatedly through client work and academic study.
Today we are the global leaders in providing custom built transformation solutions. We help organisations achieve their potential by creating high performance cultures that deliver practical, measurable results. 
We work with clients across all industries in 23+ countries across the globe. Our *innovation ecosystem* approach  from our parent company Mbkholding.org to deliver client work has kept us at the forefront of adapting innovative coaching and consulting services to achieve the business goals of some of the world’s largest and most diverse organizations. We look forward to deliver the same international quality to our clients in the local ecosystem.

Cultural Transition

Foster a culture of high performance and revolutionise your organisation

Let's cultivate an environment where collaboration, empowerment, and innovation thrive within your organisation or team. Spearhead a potent transformation with our emotionally intelligent approach, shaping a culture of high performance.

Cultural Transition - 3 Steps


“At the global level, our commitment is to establish a cohesive ecosystem that enables communities worldwide to transact seamlessly, fostering a connected and efficient global marketplace.”


To foster a supportive ecosystem that facilitates a seamless global economy


“At the global level, our strategic focus is to build upon existing foundations, allocating 50% of our efforts towards consolidation, followed by a 30% emphasis on differentiation to stand out in the market, and a targeted 20% expansion to reach new horizons and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”

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